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PT. Ganabe Arfa Internasional located in Jababeka - Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.
Founded by Mr. Suharno, a businessman and investor from Jakarta and Mr. Fauzi Iskandar, the professional from plastics industry within more than 20 years experiences. 

PT. Ganabe Arfa Internasional is an exclusive agent of CONSTANT ( injection moulding machines dan auxiliaries), sole distributor of SUNDRIL (exploration drilling accessories), distributor of BARDAHL industrial lubricants dan SODICK.

PT. Ganabe Arfa Internasional is appointed as exclusive agent of CONSTANT injection moulding machine and auxiliaries (robot, centralized feeding system, hopper dryers, dehumidifiers, autoloaders, MTC, chillers, screw dosers, gravimetric blenders, horizontal & rotary mixers, linear vibrating screeners and granulators/crushers) for Indonesian market.

Explaration drilling accessories from India founded in 1958 and have long experiences supplied to drilling contractor in the world.
PT. Ganabe Arfa internasional as sole distributor of SUNDRIL provided some exploration drilling accessories such as Drill Rods & Casings, Core Barrel & Overshots, Core Barrel Parts, Core Lifters, Locking Couplings, Outer Tubes, Inner Tubes, Split Tubes, Diamond Bits, Tungsten Carbide Tools, PCD, Reamer Shells, Casing Shoes, Water Swivels, Hoisting Plugs, Full Grip Wrenches, Ridgid Pipe Wrenches, Recovery Taps and Casing & Rod Cutters.

Lubricants and additives from USA founded in 1939 with head quarter in Seattle, Washington. Bardahl has long experiences in lubricants and additives for automotives and industries. PT. Ganabe Arfa internasional as distributor of Bardahl Industrial Lubricants provided oils and greases like hydraulic oils, diesel/gasoline engine oils, gear oils, slideway oils, turbine oils, compressor oils and greases.

PT. Ganabe Arfa Internasional is the exclusive agent of SODICK all electric moulding machine, electric hybrid and vertical moulding machine.